Product Commitment

 A unique vegan formula (mousse moisturiser) made of unrefined shea & coconut raw mixed with natural oils extract.

V'Shea products are mousses that are much lighter yet efficient and oil residue-free.

V'Shea vegan formulas help with most skin conditions (eczema, stretch marks, dry skin, sunburns, etc...) by nourishing and rejuvenating the skin cells.

V'Shea containers are eco-friendly packaging.

* Keep products away from sunlight and direct heat.

Why  V'Shea"Because I care"?

V'Shea is a cause and a concept.

V'Shea reflects on the need of a family hence an affordable brand.

There's always a discount available before check out.

V'Shea products are vegan and organic which makes it safer around the little ones.

V'Shea is eco-friendly!